Why do a Traineeship?

Traineeships are an ideal opportunity for young people who are motivated to get a job or an apprenticeship but lack the skills and experience employers are looking for.
They are designed to help young people aged 16 to 24. A traineeship unlocks the great potential of individuals and prepares them for their future careers by helping them to become ‘work ready’.

The length of a traineeship lasts from 12 weeks to 6 months. The duration of the course will depend on the level of training required to upskill the trainee. Traineeships include:

  • work preparation training provided by the training organisation
  • English and Maths support if required (provided by the training organisation)
  • a high-quality work experience placement with an employer.

In addition to these basic elements, the employer and the training provider can add flexible additional content to meet the needs of the business. At the end of the traineeship, each young person will be guaranteed a job interview if a role becomes available.

Benefits of a Traineeship:

  • A Traineeship will put you in a better position to compete for an Apprenticeship or gain employment
  • Traineeships give you the opportunity to build your CV and get vital experience with local and national employers
  • Improving your English and Maths skills will boost your chances of getting a job, as well as improving your long-term prospects and earning potential over your lifetime
  • Employers are at the centre of Traineeships to ensure they give you the skills you need to secure a job and succeed in employment
  • Having a qualification and experience within an industry makes you an appealing candidate for future positions you may apply for following your traineeship
  • When in a traineeship programme, you have the same rights as all other employees in the workplace
  • Above all you will have gained valuable experience and skills needed within the working environment giving you increased confidence in your ability.

What to expect from a traineeship:

High quality work placements

You will learn what’s expected of you in the workplace and develop links with employers. The work placement element to your traineeship will help to broaden your CV  when applying for future positions.

Flexible training

One unique aspect to the traineeship option is that it allows for flexibility: your employers and mentors will tailor the training to your requirements, so you can get the most out of the time you spend doing your traineeship. You will be trained in other relevant areas to help you get work-ready, such as job search and interview skills, time-keeping and team working.

What happens after a Traineeship?

The aim of a traineeship is to help a young person move into an apprenticeship or employment, so ideally the individual will become employed or become an apprentice after completing their traineeship. 

Entry Requirements for Traineeships

To be eligible for involvement in a traineeship programme, you’ll need to meet a few essential requirements:

  • you must be eligible to work in the UK
  • you need to be unemployed and have little or no work experience
  • applicants must be aged between 16-24
  • have no qualifications above GCSE level (or equivalent)

If you’re unsure whether you are suitable for a traineeship, contact your local college or training provider to see if you meet the requirements.

There are several ways in which businesses can benefit from Traineeships as well:

·         A trainee can provide extra support to your existing teams during busy periods

·         All Traineeships costs are met by Government funding

·         Traineeships will allow you to shape the skills and experience of young people from your local community, helping your business to develop a loyal and talented workforce, whilst supporting the community

·         Working with trainees will give established staff members the chance to develop their skills in mentoring and coaching young people.

By demonstrating your abilities in a Traineeship, you are showing employers you have what it takes to succeed in a job or apprenticeship.