The Top 6 Industries to Work In


The top recommended industry to work in is Accounting. Once qualified, accountants can be found working in high-level jobs. Accountants have the skills that all businesses need, which means they are constantly in demand. With a huge 91.3% of accountants saying that they get on well with their manager, this is the industry for you if you want a boss you can get on board with.


Professional engineers get to tackle real problems and find the best solutions for them. A profession in this industry demands imaginative and logical thinking. Over half of engineers say they truly enjoy their current role, with 41.3% putting their happiness down to the great company culture. 


Marketing is a growing industry and a vital part of almost any organisation. Technology is constantly advancing, as are the opportunities to market more effectively. So not only could you be involved with new, exciting marketing techniques, but you could also use what you learn to move up within marketing. Over 1/3 of marketers revealed that they travel for work and 62.5% of these people said they make multiple trips a year.


Over 20 million workers use some form of IT everyday as part of their job. With this in mind, it comes as no surprise that the IT sector is one of the fastest growing and in-demand industries in the UK. It means that more than 150,000 new entrants are needed each year to satisfy the high demand. The IT industry has seen some of the highest salaries across the UK, with advertised pay above £40,000 a year.


Careers in design involves creating products that are eye-catching and grab the audience’s attention. In order to be successful, you must be creative; you should know what looks good, come up with your own ideas and develop your own style.


Construction is an industry that will continue to flourish and expand as long as there are new buildings. The Government has pledged that there will be 3 million more apprenticeships in construction by 2020, and more than 3/4 of construction workers say they have a good work-life balance