The Importance of Reading

According to The Guardian, 4 million UK adults never read books for pleasure. People that read very often tend to be more knowledgeable and have bigger vocabularies than people that don’t. It can be a very cheap hobby to take up as you don’t have to buy any books to actually read. Instead, you can sign up with a library and take books home for free. Yet unfortunately, a lot of people do not read. There are many reasons as to why reading should be a significant part of your life so take a minute to read this article and find out why. 

  1. Broadens the Imagination – Books can help inspire your creativity to shine through as they are made so that you can imagine things beyond the realm of possibility! Instead of sitting in front of a TV and staring at a screen, you can read a book and imagine the situation for yourself. 
  • Reduces Stress – Reading is great for relaxing the mind and reducing stress. Being able to take your mind off of what is happening around you and focusing on the content of the book is a massive stress reliever. It’s great to forget about everyday life even if it’s only for half an hour. 
  • Source of Motivation – Books are rich with characters having to overcome problems in order to succeed. They often have problems that people could face in their normal lives as well. That’s why seeing characters achieve rather than fail can be the motivation readers need in order for them to succeed. 
  • Memory Enhancement – Books that are in a series like ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ or ‘Harry Potter’ have a lot of content like names, places, different storylines and different personalities. The problem with this is that it’s an incredible amount of information that you have to consume and remember. As your brain starts to remember more about the content in the books, it will help you to remember more about things in your life. 
  • Expand Your Knowledge – Books are a never-ending source of information. Whether they are fictional or non-fictional, all books tend to have some true information. It doesn’t even have to be information, you can learn new words that you have never heard of before! With more knowledge comes the ability to make better decisions and choices.