Regular exercise helps lower your risk of depression

Research has shown that exercising and keeping active can lower the risk of depression by a third.

Researchers collected information from 49 studies  around the world and found that people who do regular physical activity are less likely to get depression than those who don’t frequently exercise.

The research involved looking for studies that enrolled people without depression, of any age, and asked about their physical activity levels. Researchers then gathered results together, comparing people who did the most exercise in each study with those who did the least.

The outcome of the research showed that individuals who exercise often are 17% less likely to get depression than those individuals who don’t exercise.

It is very important to keep fit and stay healthy. A lot of people fail to acknowledge the numerous benefits of exercise routines and only begin to do so when health complications arise.

The best way to keeping fit and healthy is exercise as it:

  • increases energy levels and improves muscle strengths
  • improves your mental health as well as your physical and general wellbeing
  • boosts your health and makes you feel good