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In an environment of total accountability and autonomy from day one, you’ll grow faster with us. Nothing’s out of scope for an #RBGameChanger. However far you want to go, we’ll give you the space and support you need to get there. 

If you’re a positively disruptive and ambitious free-thinker, fearless, but composed, we may be a perfect match.

Are you a Game Changer?

Each of us is unique but here are some character attributes we look for:

 Sales & Marketing graduate programme https://www.rb.com/careers/graduates-interns/sales-marketing-graduate-programme/

Home > Careers > Graduates & interns > Sales & Marketing graduate programme

Exclusive programme for exceptional graduates

It’s time to tackle new challenges and learn on the fly. Turn creative ideas into effective business solutions. Be assertive. Be bold. Be influential. Then ask for more.

Join the industry’s most challenging and fast-paced graduate programme now!



Are you a Game Changer?

Each of us is unique but here are some character attributes we look for:

About the programme

While the programmes may vary between countries, here’s how a typical Sales & Marketing programme at RB might look:

Your experiences will be as varied as looking after business plans, devising promotional sales strategies, going to the customers and implementing the sales strategies or managing relationships with our customers.

You’ll be responsible for one of our world-leading Powerbrands, its in-store promotions, new product launches, PR, packaging, budget – and everything in between.

What you will get?

Faster growth than peers because you will have high autonomy and accountability from day one

Exposure to senior leadership team

Take part in tailor-made training

Become a future leader of the company

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“One of the great things about RB is it gives opportunities and responsibility to young people. I don’t think any other organisation could’ve given me the experience I’ve gained at RB – working across disciplines provided an unparalleled opportunity to learn the business in the broadest sense.”

Gaurav, Senior Vice President of RB. Joined RB in 1993 as a management trainee

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R&D graduate programme

Home > Careers > Graduates & interns > R&D graduate programme

Research & Development Future Leadership Programme

Our Future Leadership Programme is an exclusive programme for exceptional graduates from the best universities in the world.


Join our programme at one of several global locations – UK, USA, India, Italy, Germany, Dubai and Thailand. Complete the 2 year programme in country, build your global network and get ready for a truly international career!


Up to 20 individuals every year, giving you focused attention, enhanced development opportunities and increased visibility to senior leaders.


Fast-track programme for RB’s future leaders of R&D – are you ready to shape the future?

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Are you a Game Changer?

Each of us is unique but here are some character attributes we look for:

 Two years of accelerated development

Responsibility from Day 1 – you’ll be delivering real results on real projects, creating innovative solutions for healthier lives and happier homes

Real work experience in 3 different R&D functions – chosen from: Category R&D, Global Regulatory, Clinical & Medical, Engineering & 3D, Sustainability, Consumer Sciences & Sourcing or Scientific Services Group

Individual development plans – designed to focus on what you really need, build your capability and play to your strengths

Fast-track career – get ready to be challenged! Diverse programme placements with international career opportunities to follow!

121 Mentoring programme with senior leaders

Game changers with strong leadership skills

Strong academic background – Final year students/recent graduates with Bachelor, Master, PhD degree in: Biochemistry, Biology, Biomedical, Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Engineering, Environmental Science, Material Science, Medical Science, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Toxicology, Packaging Design, Industrial Design, Packaging Engineering

International mobility

Fluency in English

Eligibility to work in participating country you apply to

We’ve designed a short, smooth and user-friendly online process:

Upload your CV and answer few questions on your background

Take online ability tests – numerical, verbal and inductive reasoning

Record a short video to present yourself

If you are successful we will invite you to one of our R&D centres to show you who we really are. You will take part in an assessment day and final interviews with senior leadership team members.

Finance graduate programme  https://www.rb.com/careers/graduates-interns/finance-graduate-programme/

Home > Careers > Graduates & interns > Finance graduate programme

Fast track to be the future leader

Our commitment to all who enter this programme is to equip you with the skills and competencies to succeed in a global marketplace and enable you to one day become our finance leaders in RB.

Right from the start you’ll be given real responsibility. Throughout, you’ll take on a number of challenging and varied roles. To help you get to grips with it all, you’ll have a mentor who will provide you with all the support you need.

This is not just number-crunching. You’ll be working at the heart of our operation and your projects will be entirely business-focused. What’s more, you can expect the work to be both exciting and challenging. We operate in a fast-paced arena and to succeed you’ll need to be highly motivated and fully committed.

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Are you a Game Changer?

Each of us is unique but here are some character attributes we look for:

What you will get?

Grow faster than peers because you will have high autonomy and accountability from day one.

The study of your accountancy qualification and getting experience in a diverse range of roles will provide you with the financial knowledge to challenge the status quo.

Being able to think innovatively and spot areas of development is critical in being a successful RB employee.

The ability to see the world from a global viewpoint and have an awareness of different cultures and values affecting day to day financial decisions.

The ability to manage relationships with diverse teams and customers from across the globe and deal with the inherent challenges.

Presenting financial information to colleagues and making difficult decisions for the best of the business.

The ability to work collaboratively and effectively with diverse teams.

The ability to rapidly assimilate knowledge and develop understanding in order to quickly respond and adapt to new challenges, circumstances and culture.

About the programme

A 2 or 3 year programme, with several assignments in different functions.

Real responsibilities and clearly defined roles from day one.

Rotation assignments based on the delivery of real business objectives and targets.

Good mix of on the job development and off the job training.

A senior leader to be your dedicated mentor throughout the programme.

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Supply graduate programme https://www.rb.com/careers/graduates-interns/supply-graduate-programme/

Home > Careers > Graduates & interns > Supply graduate programme

Our Global Supply Graduate Development Programme unites several programmes from around the Supply world, giving you a unique global career opportunity from day one. Whether it’s China, Germany, UK, India, France, Poland, Spain, Mexico or any other country, we see you as a member of our global community and will develop you to be a leader of the future.

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Are you a Game Changer?

Each of us is unique but here are some character attributes we look for:

From day one, no matter where you join us, you are a part of the global Supply community. Your mentor will work with you to build your future and your manager is there to make sure you’re working on real projects. Your achievements are shared with a wider community and your aspirations are the only limit.

Fresh talent is one of the most valuable assets in the company. We have several programmes in Supply, all tailored to local specifics that are united under the Global Supply Graduate Development umbrella. This allows us to develop leaders of the future with a truly international experience.

When you join us your international journey begins. Your career can develop quickly. You will be given challenges and we would invite you to ask for more. Working in different cultures and areas of Supply Chain will allow you to see the bigger picture – a picture of the world.

We are looking for internationally mobile, ambitious individuals who graduated up to two years ago and have a degree in Engineering, Science, Supply Chain Management or similar. Those who like to take on new challenges, ask for more and aspire to be leaders are a perfect fit.

What you will get from this programme?

An opportunity to work in different locations for a truly international experience

Challenging projects

Regular assessments based on the same criteria all over the world

Development plans aligned with identified needs and individuals’ aspirations

Dedicated training programme

One-on-one mentoring

Exposure to senior management

Rotations that allow you to gain experience in different areas of the end-to-end Supply Chain.