Pros and Cons of Distance Learning

Distance learning is a way for students to learn remotely without having to attend university or college to get the qualification. Distance learning students can learn from home, work or on the move. It is becoming increasingly popular with 270,000 undergraduate students doing their first degree via distance learning as well as 108,000 postgraduate students. With the rapid increase in technology, there has been a huge increase of tuition and learning through the internet. 


  • Distance learning is flexible in the sense that you can pick and choose your own pace and work on any assignments to fit around your schedule. 
  • You can learn and earn by still working any full-time and part-time work that you wouldn’t be able to do if you went to a physical university. 
  • Online learning is a lot cheaper than attending university. Tuition when attending university is considerably more expensive than doing distance learning courses. Doing distant learning will help you to save on things like fuel, childcare, books and you may have to pay lower prices.
  • In distance learning, you don’t have to travel to and from the university, so you will be able to save a lot of money. Also, if you ever relocate far away from where you used to live, then you don’t need to worry about changing universities. 


  • You won’t be able to socialise with other students and will be missing out on that “uni life”. You also won’t be able to talk to your tutor and won’t be receiving the same kind of motivation as other students that attend university. It’s also said that many people struggle with the isolation that comes with doing distance learning.
  • Learning online can come with a lot of technical difficulties. Things like computers breaking, WI-FI not working and website servers going down can cause a lot of interruption when trying to work. 
  • Having good time management skills is crucial to reaping all the benefits of the course. If you know that your time management skills are not good, then it may not be a good idea to do distance learning.
  • Some employers may be reluctant to accept that you are doing distance learning. They may want you to be entirely focused on your work and not have to share that with learning.