Oxford University Reaching Out to Disadvantaged Pupils

Graduates at university graduation ceremony wearing mortarboard and gown

Oxford University are planning to launch a free programme that will give students who have struggled to meet the final requirements or need help making the transition, the chance to study into Oxford University. Oxford will see the University introduce a residential study programme for up to 200 students who have applied to the University in the normal way and are on course to gain the required grades but need additional support to transition successfully from school to Oxford.

Oxford University will comprise structured study at home plus two weeks of residential study at Oxford just before the start of the undergraduate term. The course will introduce students to lectures, tutorials, group and individual work, building their subject knowledge, academic abilities and self-reliance. Students will then begin undergraduate study with greater confidence.

The University is also developing Foundation Oxford, a full-year programme to be offered to students who have experienced personal disadvantage or severely disrupted education. The scheme aims to open places to students with high academic potential who, for reasons beyond their control, are not yet able to make a competitive Oxford application. Foundation Oxford will be made based on lower contextual A-level grades, rather than the University’s standard offers. Successful students will undertake a year-long, bespoke, subject-specific programme, building their capacity for independent study. The participants will all be based at Oxford colleges and, provided they successfully complete the programme, will move on to the Oxford undergraduate degree that they initially applied for.