How to resolve conflict in the workplace

Healthy workplace relationships are essential to the success of any business or organisation. There may be disagreements between individuals or between an employee and manager, but when there is conflict in the workplace, other employees are affected as well as the business. Therefore, conflict in the workplace is something which we all want to avoid. Follow these tips to help resolve conflict in the workplace.

 Tips for Employers on how to resolve conflict in the workplace:

  • Don’t assume situations will resolve themselves: when conflict in the workplace is brought to your attention, it is past the point of resolving itself.
  • Train employees on teamwork skills.
  • Have clear discipline and dispute procedures for dealing with conflict.
  • Train managers in conflict resolution techniques so they are able to handle situations when conflict arises.
  • Set clear expectations as to what behaviour is not tolerated in the workplace and enforce these expectations.
  • Take conflict as an opportunity to learn and grow.

      Tips for Employees on how to resolve conflict in the workplace:

  • Talk: Acknowledge the conflict and individuals about the situation.
  • Listen: Avoid interrupting one another and listen to what the other person has to say instead of retaliating. Ask questions to clarify your understanding.
  • Find an agreement: Looking for agreement demonstrates your willingness to find common ground. Perhaps you can agree that each individual needs to do something to create resolution.
  • Forgive: Apologise for your wrongdoing in the conflict.
  • Develop a plan: Once you have talked over the problem, propose possible solutions. Focus on the future and how you can respond better.

Follow the plan: Each individual must follow through the solutions that were agreed upon. Participate and discuss ways to stay accountable.