Don’t Let Your Social Media Stop you from Getting Interviews

Social media is great for posting pictures, sharing things with friends, looking at memes and watching funny videos. However, social media is also where embarrassing pictures from Saturday nights drunken fun at the bar get shared by your friends which YOU get tagged in. That’s not great when it just so happens that the day before you just sent off loads of job applications.

It’s no secret that employers tend to rout out your social media profiles to see if you are as professional as you seem on your CV. In fact, over a third of job applications get denied because employers don’t like what they see on the potential candidates’ profiles.

So, do you need help re-organizing your social media profiles? Then read on to find out how!

Be Thorough

Go through your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and any other social media accounts you may have and check through every single post. If you have any photos that may be considered as vulgar, sexually explicit, rude or just downright inappropriate, then you must delete them. That also goes for likes, comments, shares or retweets.


Change Your Settings

If you know your friends are prone to posting embarrassing pictures that could jeopardize your chances of getting an interview, change your settings. Go to all your social media accounts, access the settings section and change them so that friends are not allowed to post or share anything onto your profile.

Google Yourself

By googling yourself, you’re able to see any stray posts or old accounts that you don’t want potential employers to see. Remember that blog you used to have? It may be old and forgotten about by you, but the internet remembers. Other people can still access it and read everything on there. Deactivate any old accounts that you find whilst on your search.




Update your LinkedIn

Now that you have cleaned up your social media accounts, it’s time to update them. LinkedIn is extremely useful to show potential employers that you are professional and worth the time for them to interview you. If you don’t already have a LinkedIn account, make one.

LinkedIn will usually be the first-place employers look at to find out what you’re like in a professional manner. Make sure that your career history is completely up to date with your last job being the most recent. Look at your CV and check that the job titles, dates and job descriptions match what is on your profile. You don’t want employers having a copy of your excellent CV only to find your LinkedIn profile says that you were working for a different company at the last job you had.

Lastly, remember that LinkedIn is not a regular social media platform for you to share pictures of family outings and Christmas dinners. Use it to communicate with other professionals and share appropriate business content. Keep it professional.

Exhibit Your Skills

As your social media may not be as full as it once was, now is as good a time as any to showcase any special skills or talents you may have. If the vacancies you are applying for are in the art field, post pictures of your paintings, drawings or graphic designs. You want to convey to any potential employers looking at your social media that you have the skills to do the job or are willing to learn and trying hard at it.

The option of just making all your social media accounts private is viable. However, some employers prefer to see that you actively use social media as it shows that you are in tune with the modern world and all the technology that is in it.