About Us

Who We Are

Here at Careers UK, we are an ambitious, innovative and forward-thinking media and publishing company that consistently puts our clients’ first in everything we do. We strive to create a wide platform for our clients to advertise and showcase their services and products directly to their target market. We do this by combining creativity, information and advice to create meaningful content, career relevant resources, must-have all industry knowledge and insights to maximise our audiences’ career prospects. We believe that everyone should have access to free educational and career related advice which is why we produce three magazines every month for this purpose. Each magazine is tailored to the respected audience; professionals, graduates and students giving us a combined readership of 3 Million + from both digital and print. Our Brand Ambassadors work to continually increase our market exposure depth for our clients to ensure a greater audience of potential customers.

What We Offer

We offer full advertisement campaign packages and stand-alone products that can be used as bolt-ons. Our campaigns are tailored to suit our clients’ needs and requirements. That is why we have a bespoke service offering to give our clients a one-stop-shop solution that meets all their advertising needs because we don’t just purely focus on our publication but have various media outlets we utilise to give our clients the greatest exposure. We also fully support our clients fully by providing them access to our talented in-house design team, editorial team, media and production team and account managers team for the success of their campaigns with us.

We have one ethos: to provide a cost-efficient service that surpasses our client’s expectations and builds lifelong relationships.