Admiral Interview

At Careers UK, we recently had the privilege of interviewing Head of Recruitment at Admiral Group, Andrew Viazzani. Admiral is one of the UK’s largest car insurance providers, with a presence in eight countries. Over the years, Admiral Group have won various awards, both regionally and nationally. Their biggest and most prestigious award is being rated the best big company to work for in the UK by the Sunday Times in 2019. Admiral are also listed as ‘One of the Best Companies to work for in the UK’.

Admiral has several prestigious awards under its belt. How did you get there?

“Over the years our individuals, departments, brands and the company as a whole have won various awards, both regionally and nationally. The company achieving the awards is something each and every one of us is proud of. Our staff work hard, provide excellent customer service and are happy to go above and beyond to do the best. We are proud to offer an honest and open culture: every member of staff is treated equally, achievement is rewarded and recognised, and most of all, coming to work is enjoyable”.

You also have a strong reputation for creating a fun and conducive working environment, including your well-known Ministry of Fun. Would you give us some insider information on what’s it like working for Admiral?

“Well, it’s been a challenge for the business to build such an enviable reputation. Our philosophy at Admiral Group is that people who like their job do it better, so we go out of our way to ensure coming to work here is enjoyable. This philosophy runs throughout the whole of Admiral Group and according to the Great Place to Work Institute, this has helped us to become one of the best employers in both the UK and Europe. In order to understand why we are rated as such a good employer, it becomes useful to understand the four pillars upholding the working culture at Admiral – communication, equality, rewards and recognition and fun.  Our Ministry of Fun (M.O.F.) is a big part of working for Admiral Group. We celebrate as many events and occasions as possible. The M.O.F. organises events for everyone in the company and ensures there’s regular entertainment.”

What advice would you give to aspiring candidates? What do you look for and what can they expect?

“Admiral look for people who can bring experience and new perspectives to our teams. We admire candidates who are self-motivated, polite, responsible and diligent. Be yourself and be innovative: employers like to see your social side to see whether you will fit in or not.”

As a company, what does the future look like?

“The aim of Admiral is to provide excellent service and value for money to as many people as possible. We are preparing for the major industry shake-up of driverless cars/car -sharing schemes hitting the market. We are aiming to grow, and to restructure to support that growth.”