6 Small Ways to Invest in Your New Job

Ambitious people are always looking for chances to make an impact, especially on day one in a new workplace. This could be a part-time job to earn some extra cash or an important internship that’s your first step onto the career lattice. Read on for some seemingly small things that will increase your chances of flourishing in your new role.

1. Be unique

It is crucial for you to distinguish yourself from the crowd by identifying your unique selling points and investing in them. Identify opportunities to gain new skills in those areas. This doesn’t have to mean taking on a double-major in business studies! It could be as simple as deciding you want to be the person your customers ask for when they have a complicated problem then looking for tips on YouTube. Use your unique skills to create a brand for yourself within the organisation. Keep working on those skills and you will find yourself an invaluable asset to your team, or even indispensable.

2. Be known for achieving goals

Be known for your keenness and ability to achieve your targets. In your appraisals, don’t be shy – own your achievements and highlight how these have contributed to the organisation’s success. Make sure to express yourself clearly without being arrogant.

3. Be known for hitting deadlines

People with outstanding time management skills are organised and reliable. Aim to arrive punctually and take time to plan your day and prioritise your workload. If you end up behind schedule, keep your team informed and aim to make up for lost time if possible. Keep track of any upcoming meetings or targets and put time aside to prepare for them. Consistently hitting deadlines  and achieving targets will give you a reputation as someone who delivers, and getting things done early will leave your less-organised colleagues in awe.

4. Be willing to learn

Always show a willingness to learn. Identify individuals or teams from whom you can learn.  Ask for opportunities to support, shadow or get involved. In addition to your core tasks, identify any opportunities for improvement within the organisation and volunteer to lead those projects. This could be as simple as re-organising a messy filing cabinet or as big as creating and leading a brand-new department. Document your progress and the difference it made, and make sure your boss and your boss’s boss know about it!

5. Make your customers feel valued

Treat your customers like royalty. Everyone you meet should be treated with diligence and courtesy, but it is especially important when you are acting as the face of your company. You should aim for quality in everything you do and put your customers first wherever possible. Honesty and a friendly smile will go a lot further than you might think, and it never hurts to go the extra mile for a customer to give them a great experience. You may be surprised by how often positive feedback from customers gets back to your boss.

6. Show loyalty to your employer

It is easy sometimes to get caught up in daydreaming about the perfect job and find yourself dwelling on every negative about your current position. There is no perfect employer out there, but there are positives in almost every role. Try to focus on these, and work on finding solutions for the negatives that you can change. If you find the negatives constantly outweighing the perks of your job, it may be time to consider looking elsewhere. You spend a big part of your day in work – do everything you can to make it awesome.